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Technicko-provozní informační systém (TPIS) EMA+

Technical and Operational Information System EMA+

Industry solution for supporting the management of the technical and operational field within health care. 

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Key features of technical and operational information system EMA+

Building management

Technical records and hierarchy of areas and equipment, operation book of objects, drawings and map graphical data, photos, summary information.

Requisition system (Helpdesk)

Request records including their statuses, work-flow of their assignment and implementation, colour visualization of states, prioritization and deadlines, cost allocation, reports and charts.

Medical device management

Administration of technical records for medical devices according to valid legislation, conclusive fulfilment of legal obligations in relation to state and EU institutions, classification according to codelists IHIS, CPV, GMDN.


Overview and administration of all documents in one place, quick access to documents, transparent sorting by document types.

Repeated activities

Register of dates and deadlines of service intervals, inspections and operational checks of installed equipment and technologies.


Easy-to-see calendar of repeated and one-time activities in a time context.

Analyses and overviews

Detailed views of operating costs, development of KPIs, overviews of the status of requests by type over time, individualized dashboards.

EMA+ editions for real estate and facility management

Energy management

Register of buildings, equipment and consumption locations, analyses of costs and consumption for all energy kinds, EnPI, predicted consumption, planning, notifications, etc.

Lease relations

Registers of tenants, areas and facilities available for lease, contracts and other attached documents, services provided, lease regulations, preparation of settlement, etc.

Facility management

Technical records of areas and equipment, drawing documentation and maps, repeated activities, scheduler, intuitive helpdesk and dispatching of requests for implementers, etc.

Maintenance management

Registers of equipment and technical locations, helpdesk, detailed view of costs and development of KPI values, year-on-year evaluation, planned, predictive and corrective maintenance, online communication.

Industry solution

Smart City

Industry solution supporting smart city administration in the field of public lighting management.

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
+420 724 444 451


tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
tel. 587 333 405